NC Baptists

Hermeneutics and Racial Prejudice: How the Bible Can Help and Hurt Race Discussions

March 6, 2018

Courtlandt Perkins - Ephesians 6 gives us the imagery of the Word of God being a sword. We would hate for a sword to end up in the hands of 6-year-old boy messing around in the garage because they can hurt themselves, and we also would hate it for an evil villain to get their hands on a sword in any movie we were watching because they can hurt others. The same is true about the Bible. This book unlike any other book has literally changed the world because of what it says, but throughout time, people have used and misused its content to deal with racial issues. This session will highlight some common passages from God’s Word that can be used and those that have been misused to have discussions about race and the church.

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